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FieldConnect’s New Customer Batchelor & Kimball, Inc. Chooses Web-Based Mobile Field Service Solution over Mobile Apps


FieldConnect is pleased to announce that Batchelor & Kimball, Inc., a mechanical contractor operating for more than 30 years in the state of Georgia, has implemented FieldConnect with Vista by Viewpoint as their mobile work order completion software for field technicians.

Batchelor & Kimball was looking for mobile software to improve communications between their field and back-office teams. They focused on mobile apps available in the marketplace but eventually decided to work with FieldConnect’s web-based mobile field service software. Operations Manager, Brian Batchelor states, “At first, we thought FieldConnect’s web-based solution was inferior to an app, but we changed our minds on that. We see advantages to the web-based solution because it is easier to push updates and access from any device or location.”

Web-based solutions enable real-time information flow so field and back-office teams see the same information at the same time. Integrated by design, FieldConnect software works with the ERP system (Vista by Viewpoint) so that all work order history resides in one database. The integration allows the back-office team to have instant visibility into field technician activity. The web-based solution also allows for a common user interface across multiple devices and near-instant updates of user interface changes in the field. Brian comments, “Changes can be pushed almost instantaneously, as opposed to having to update an app. The feedback from staff has been positive about the web-based solution. We have been very happy with the ease of use of the software, both in the office and in the field.”

The web-based approach of FieldConnect helped Batchelor & Kimball train and deploy FieldConnect literally overnight. “We initially had serious reservations about doing a wholesale swap of processes and technology on our technicians,” Brian says. “What we were able to accomplish with FieldConnect was to go from zero usage to 100% in a short period of time, and the feedback in the field has been positive. The most important thing to us is that the technicians using the product every day have a solution that is easy to use and helps them do their job more efficiently. FieldConnect software is easy to navigate and technician-friendly.”

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About Batchelor & Kimball, Inc.

Batchelor & Kimball is a mechanical contractor providing commercial HVAC, mechanical and plumbing for all types of facilities including institutional, information technologies, manufacturing, medical/hospital and research and development. We offer design/build and turnkey construction with our qualified staff comprised of registered engineers and skilled labor forces including pipefitters, certified welders and plumbers. Knowledge comes with experience. Our extensive experience makes us knowledgeable in the unique mechanical requirements of healthcare facilities, institutional campus buildings, and laboratory and industrial facilities.

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