How to Elevate On-Site Visits with Field Service Estimating Software

There is little doubt that the field service industry faces various challenges unique to its field. At the forefront of these distinct tasks is the process of generating estimates. Field service organizations that succeed with these opportunities are poised to stand out from the competition while increasing profitability. And you can obtain these advantages by implementing effective field service estimating software.

Generating estimates requires the capacity to be adaptive, intuitive, and informed. Preparation for these capacities depends on your real-time access to customer history, service agreements, rate tables, and inventory. It also relies on your ability to assess the real-life components of a given task. There are few more excellent opportunities than to make estimates on-site—where the technician can rely on their expert assessment of the many variables involved in providing an estimate.

In this article, we present the various ways in which a field service organization stands to benefit from leveraging field service estimating software to their advantage while on-site.

The Benefits of On-Site Estimating for Field Service Work

Every field service organization faces the task of ensuring its operations run as lean and efficient as possible. With so many moving parts, the field service industry can quickly succumb to the setbacks of too much overhead and unprofitability. The past year with the pandemic has only increased how your organization might be facing new difficulties. Developing contactless procedures, wearing masks, ongoing health risks, and numerous other factors have been presented this past year. The necessity to adapt and evolve has rarely been more pressing.

For these reasons, it remains an essential priority to refine and elevate revenue generation. And the beginning of the revenue cycle is the process of estimating.

Estimates must accurately account for time, materials, risks, contingencies, and a profit margin that can sustain the business. These many variables create a context that can be difficult to judge from a distance. But the luxury of being on-site can further eliminate various challenges to generating effective estimates that offer numerous benefits.

Consider the following ways you can elevate your on-site visits with field service estimating software.

Increased efficiency

One of the primary benefits of using field service estimating software while on-site is the uptick in efficiency you will experience. Using this software on-site dramatically increases the speed you can receive and process data. You no longer must wait for a technician to drive back to the office, which can decrease—or eliminate—the need for multiple site visits. With on-site data entry and assessment, you can efficiently process your estimates while producing more quotes and winning more bids. The time you save also allows you to invest in other critical areas of your business, resulting in a spillover of efficiency throughout your operations.

Greater functionality and convenience

Imagine being able to be present with your customer while going over the specifics of their project. The clarity that comes with being on-site for estimates offers a level of functionality and convenience that cannot otherwise be achieved. You’ll gain the functionality of being able to ask immediate follow-up questions and verify the tasks presented. Also, the convenience of avoiding miscommunications with the customer cannot be understated. Rather than relying on your customer’s untrained opinion or perspective, technicians will be able to clarify and accurately diagnose various tasks.

Even further, field service estimating software will allow technicians or estimators to communicate with databases, supervisors, and the back office to provide quick estimates to your customer. Doing all of this while on-site significantly increases the likelihood of securing the project or ensuring ongoing projects.

Expertise that stands out

The field service industry is awash with stiff competition. Standing out from this competition can mean the difference between attracting new customers or securing loyalty from existing customers. Field service estimating software will offer you an edge to maintain a level of professionalism that distinguishes your operations from the rest of the industry.

Too many field service organizations remain stuck in outdated technology and procedures. And this is an opportunity for your organization to stand out. Estimating software will deliver speed, accuracy, and consistency—elevating the professional appearance of your company. This is even more evident when you empower your technicians to maintain this professionalism when they are in the field and interacting directly with your customers on-site. With expedient, accessible, and expert estimates offered on-site, you can build and reinforce a greater sense of confidence in your customers. This refined image even further contributes to your customer’s willingness to provide referrals and generate expanded business.

Expanded integration

Delivering on-site resources with field service estimating software also provides you the opportunity to integrate various operational processes further. For instance, with FieldConnect’s suite of software products, you can access your existing ERP system, dispatch, project management, and numerous other solutions while in the field. These integrations will elevate and streamline various workflows and reduce the shortcomings of replicating data or missing critical data points. Overall, integrating on-site estimates with your inventory, scheduling, and other areas will offer your company invaluable business insights.

Experience the FieldConnect Difference

The benefits of elevating on-site visits with the implementation of field service estimating software are not limited to the above examples. You can also expect to witness increased customer and employee satisfaction, cost reductions, labor decreases, and a general decline in overhead expenses.

A leader in the field service industry for nearly two decades, FieldConnect has developed robust software solutions for generating on-site estimates and converting them into quotes that secure greater profits for your organization.

With a diverse suite of products, FieldConnect’s solutions offer the highest quality in innovation and protection. Schedule a demo with FieldConnect to begin learning how to elevate your company to the next level.

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