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Encore Electric Makes a Move to the Cloud

Encore Electric, based in Colorado, delivers on a wide array of electrical construction projects and maintenance services from multiple locations around the state. Encore has earned a reputation for high quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  

Their service team offers a comprehensive post-construction service and maintenance program including 24-hour on-call support, power quality and proactive maintenance services. Encore manages their resources in the field with FieldConnect, and are leveraging the Cloud for even greater efficiency and savings. 

We spoke with Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist and CIO, to find out more about Encore’s move to the Cloud. 

How was FieldConnect hosted previously? On-premise or by a third party provider?  

Our FieldConnect environment was hosted by a third party provider. 

Why did you ultimately make the decision to move to FieldConnect Cloud?  

We did it for a few reasons. We were already comfortable with a hosted model and could see the advantages. For example, we preferred that FieldConnect keep the software up-to-date and that is easier if we are hosted in the FieldConnect cloud. It also made economic sense, as the switch from paying annual support to subscription pricing saved us money right off the bat. Making the switch also allows for future flexibility to be able to turn on other FieldConnect modules if, or when, they are needed. 

What was your experience in making the move? 

The project executed as we expected.  After a few weeks of planning and testing, we were successful in moving from our previous environment to the FieldConnect environment with a single, one-hour outage.  The most difficult part for us was coordinating the system administration resources from the prior third party environment. 

How did the move impact the FieldConnect users in your company? 

The users of FieldConnect were not impacted other than getting new features and updates, since we were a couple of minor releases behind.  We had to fix a minor reporting problem the next morning after the migration, but overall, the impact was negligible. The FieldConnect support team helped make the whole process go smoothly and were ready to make any necessary changes to keep us up and running with full functionality. 

Any cost savings that you can report so far?  

The hard-dollar cost is roughly equivalent to our prior hosting environment, but that includes the cost of additional FieldConnect Cloud licenses that we added, so it did represent a savings.  In addition, we see ongoing savings into the future, since our Information Technology team supporting FieldConnect won’t have to deal with the software upgrade process. 

What would you say to another FieldConnect customer who contemplating making the move to FieldConnect Cloud? 

If you are self-hosted or self-administering the software in a hosted environment, I recommend that you consider migrating to FieldConnect Cloud and let their engineers handle the complexity of managing the FieldConnect environment. 

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