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Fire Safety Contractor, Atlantic Constructors Meets Digital Efficiency



Atlantic Constructors


  • FieldAccess: Mobile Work Order Application
  • FieldProject: Project Time Entry
  • FieldDirect: Customer Self-Service Portal
  • FieldGateway: Dispatch & Resource Scheduling

Fire Safety & Protection, HVAC & Plumbing, Electrical w/ LEED/Green Certification, and other Commercial/Industrial Construction

1000-5000 Employees.

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with 5 total locations across the state and into North Carolina.Ditching paper, moving into the digital age, and unifying processes across multiple locations.

Imagine being a manager with oversight between five different locations across the state. Each location uses paper documentation to track work, billing, and other administrative tasks. And each location creates different paperwork through different processes and procedures. Each time visiting a different location, the manager must flip a switch and remember (if not re-learn) the processes, procedures, and paperwork for each specific location.



Accurately reporting site performance, technician efficiency, and business success.

Managing employee performance and employee project information was nearly impossible. Over time each location created its own unique nuances for recording time, billing information, equipment maintenance, customer history, etc. Simply trying to complete tasks like tracking billable hours for the fire safety and protection team was near impossible. Countless hours and resources were spent going from location to location just to understand the status of simple work orders. Atlantic Constructors needed to move from disparate processes at each location tracked through manual paperwork, to a more automated situation within a digital environment.



The team at Atlantic Constructors spent days pouring through field service solutions, looking near and far for the right fit to help solve their multi-location challenge. Some solutions had long sales pitches while others had even longer onboarding cycles.

Atlantic Constructors chose FieldConnect after a long evaluation period and got to work. Both sides partnered quickly to lay out the processes that were vital to a smooth operation while shedding the excess of those that were not. The team at FieldConnect identified the needs of ACI and after a brief planning phase, the tool was ready for implementation.

Instead of piles of paperwork at each location, ACI technicians were then able to be dispatched digitally and receive work order details on their mobile devices. Electronically, anyone within the organization was able to view operational details independent from a physical location.

“FieldConnect stuck out as the solution that made the most sense in our unique situation.”

– Mandy Gathright

Contracts Administrator



  • Native, seamless integration with Viewpoint.
  • Extends Viewpoint’s service module; service reports and work order integration.
  • Digitized project time tracking and technician timecards (previously completed via paper).
  • Process unification between locations. Improve operational efficiency by automating service delivery.


Atlantic Constructors were able to improve real-time visibility across the entire operation.



By implementing FieldConnect, Atlantic Constructors realized immense cost savings. They were able to improve real-time visibility across the entire operation. Increased operational efficiencies were able to take ACI from unorganized paper trails to digital cohesion.

Customer Service was also a bright spot.

ACI engaged with FieldConnect for field service management and a second, 3rd party vendor for bidding software. The difference between the two companies was night and day. The level of support FieldConnect provided was second-to-none.

“Any time we’ve had issues or needed more guidance and clarification, Allen (FieldConnect) was Johnny-on-the-spot,” states Jay Dougherty with ACI.

After one year since implementing FieldConnect’s end-to-end workforce management software solutions, ACI gets more information post-implementation from technicians than ever before. The savings with the integration into Viewpoint were unquantifiable. Chasing down paper workorders is a thing of the past. Timecards are now digital, and the dispatch board allows for efficiencies across the board.



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