Live Tracking and ERP Data Increase Benefits of Field Service Software

Efficiency and Cost Savings are Natural Outcomes of Powerful Field Service Management Software

Communication and the availability of information drives field service delivery. The more interconnected the process is, the more the team can make informed decisions. They can take action where needed, whether it’s in dispatch oversight or quoting a new opportunity.

We also recognized that organizations depend on processes that usually take time to complete. Information is requested and delivered between roles, costing money in overhead and inefficiency. Simply pushing the process to “go faster” isn’t the answer, we realized. Empowering the people to do their jobs with greater access to information and effectiveness in their communication is. Access to data in real-time provides several key benefits:

  • Data availability leads to fast customer decisions and transactions
  • Data availability keeps the management team and techs aware and communicating in real-time
  • Data availability reduces the time consumed by traditional process elements

In the past, the passage of time was essentially part of the process. It allowed siloed departments to slowly process and transfer information. Effective operations needed experience, information, judgment, and coordination, but data transfer took all the time, limiting advantages from:

  • Eliminating delays
  • Avoiding missteps
  • Capturing potentially lost opportunities
  • Ensuring that customer satisfaction issues are resolved, and promptly
  • Proactively managing human resources and material availability
  • Conveniently and accurately monitoring project progress and issues 24/7
  • Improving quote speed and accuracy

Specific Time and Cost Benefits of Field Service Software Drawing the Team Together

The Customer Has Direct Visibility and Input Into the Field Service Process

Organizations have gradually opened up over decades, moving from a central switchboard in monolithic organizations to direct phone contact with departments and later adding email. One of the key benefits of modern field service software such as our FieldDirect is giving the customer direct access to the process. Instead of working with their contacts in the organization, they simply access the web portal and check order status, submit new orders, and renew contracts themselves, instantly.

With direct access and updates, they understand that they’re dealing with a transparent, accountable service provider. This dynamic, responsive relationship saves time and cost for both the customer and service organization and gets the work done right.

Field Service Technicians Hit the Ground Running Each Day with Live Information All Day

With live information and scheduling, field service technicians don’t have to drive in or even call in at the start of the day. Techs can start the day with a clear view of their schedule, GPS directions to customer facilities, and easy communication with dispatch and the rest of the team. They also don’t have to call in on arrival at each customer location, because GPS tracking automatically updates their location and notes when they have arrived at the customer location.

FieldAccess keeps them updated with everything from work orders to dispatch schedule updates, so they can be efficient and effective on the job. Technician activity data including location, job status, and results are communicated back in real-time. When the technician reports that the job is complete and the customer is satisfied, billing-related activities are activated without delay.

Service Organization Dispatch Can Orchestrate and Monitor a Busy Day in Real-Time

Real-time data updates let dispatchers do what they do best, decision making. Field service software provides efficiency and cost savings benefits not only for the dispatcher but for the technicians who get fast, accurate direction to keep them on track.

With GPS-based tracking, live project updates, and other streams of data, dispatch has quick visibility into the field service organization’s operations. FieldDispatch presents the information in a flexible and concise format, providing the tools dispatchers need to quickly drag-and-drop priority work, reschedule appointments, and arrange other activities as needed. updates flow to management’s and technicians’ applications so they’re always in the loop.

Management Has Full Access to Reports, Details, and Process Features While On the Go

One of the many challenges of dynamically managing field service organizations is ensuring that solutions are being provided where needed, and resources routed where they’re most effective. When it takes time to get information, the uninformed manager can make decisions that waste time and money, lacking awareness of project status changes such as part availability or customer accessibility.

Our FieldGateway portal provides functions for all levels of management including timesheet approval, access to management reports, and quick technician GPS info when handling customer queries about arrival time. With the organization’s operational information live on a single web gateway, managers can take the big picture approach to decisions and make sure key projects are on track.

ERP Integration with Popular Software Keeps Data Flowing and Up to Date

The heart of the modern “digital transformation” of organizations is versatile and timely access to centralized information from an ERP database system or other resources. Most field service organizations base their operations on ERP, so connecting the dynamic features and benefits of field service software to a company’s ERP system is essential. It puts them “on the air” with information flowing and being compiled without delays.

Our field service software works with existing ERP-based systems and extensions, keeping the company’s existing information infrastructure as the focus. Security is preserved: the technologies that enable this flow also manage access and provide necessary data protection using modern data security techniques.

Full Project Status and Details Are Available While Mobile

Field service project managers excel when they have up-to-date data on project costs, activities, and progress. They can identify where their attention needs to be focused to keep the project on track and on budget. From current labor and materials costs to drone video and site pictures, on-demand project information adds energy to project management.

FieldProject software also provides on-the-job status reporting with mobile form-based data entry. As with much of the field service process, adding real-time data updates cuts the high costs and delays of communicating to acquire information. With current project information from the field already on hand, managers can make cost- and time-saving decisions with confidence.

Fast Capture of Business Opportunities with Accurate Quotes on the Spot

Why wait to bid on new or add-on business? Field service technicians are often on location when customers realize they have requirements for further services. Instead of responding with a vague “our people will get back to you,” the technician or anyone else in customer contact can take advantage of integrated quoting software.

When team members capture the moment with an instant or expedited quote based on related information already available in the ERP system, everyone benefits and saves time and money. The entire field service organization from the front line to the back office is connected by FieldQuotes for an effective quote response. Fast, accurate quotes help maintain customer loyalty and gain additional business.

Infrastructure Based, But Not Infrastructure Independent

When relying on the benefits of field service software, it’s important to have a way to keep business moving when the network goes down or other infrastructure issues arise. Our software is designed to keep the benefits of field service software in effect even when the supporting infrastructure that the team relies on has downtime.

As soon as resources permit, real-time updates resume, and the team automatically re-syncs. We recognize that the connectivity that powers mobile applications can have transient outages. FieldConnect has an offline mode that helps the field service delivery team to continue operating while connectivity is lost.

Keeping the Personal Touch in the Process

Integrating the workflows and data flows of a field service operation using the benefits of field service software doesn’t automate the personal touch out of the process. What it does is make sure everyone on the team is informed and on target in meeting customer needs. That removes a significant burden from daily activities and allows team members to communicate ideas, respond to customer questions and requests, and maintain team relationships without being distracted by maintaining routine information flow. Even when success pushes the team to new heights, they won’t be swamped by increased overhead.

Time and Cost Benefits of Improving the Field Service Delivery Flow

Many field service organizations rely on telephone contact and paperwork to coordinate activities and update technician and project status. These traditional processes have built-in overhead and delays that limit the effectiveness of the team in meeting customer needs. This is especially true in an online, B2B, interactive business world. The main benefits of field service software like our FieldConnect include helping the entire team pitch in to keep customers informed, satisfied, and ordering more project work. By connecting the team and cutting process overhead from the field service organization’s workday, field service management software can save time and money through naturally efficient daily processes.

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