How FieldConnect Field Service Solutions Improve Efficiencies and Processes for Microsoft Dynamics Users

Feeling the limitations of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP when it comes to field service? You're not alone. Disconnected workflows, paper mountains, and frustrated technicians are a recipe for inefficiency. But what if there was a way to unlock the true potential of your Dynamics system and transform your field service operation?

FieldConnect natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP to supercharge your processes. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a user-friendly and powerful solution that empowers service organizations of all sizes. Let’s dive into all the ways that FieldConnect helps Microsoft Dynamics users get more from their software and streamline processes.

How It Works: Extending the Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics

We understand the unique challenges faced by field service businesses. From managing work orders and schedules to streamlining communication and boosting technician productivity, FieldConnect tackles it all. Plus, you'll benefit from the peace of mind that comes with a secure, cloud-based subscription hosted on Microsoft Azure and backed by our team of dedicated technical experts.

Partnering with FieldConnect allows you to meet the ever-evolving needs of your customers and prospects, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in today's competitive landscape. Provide your team with a superior mobile field service solution that simplifies operations and keeps everyone connected.

How FieldConnect Improves Efficiencies and Processes

FieldConnect offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your field service operations and boost your bottom line. Let's explore some of the key functionalities:

  • Mobile Work Order Management: Say goodbye to paper chaos! FieldConnect empowers your technicians with a mobile app to access work orders, update job status in real time, and capture vital information on the go.
  • Scheduling and Dispatching: Optimize your technician's time with intelligent scheduling tools. By considering factors like location, skillset, and workload, FieldConnect helps you ensure the right technician is assigned to the right job at the right time. 
  • Accepting Payments in the Field: Get paid faster and eliminate the hassle of manual invoicing. With FieldConnect, your technicians can accept secure payments electronically right at the job site.
  • Real-Time Job Quoting: Impress your clients with fast and accurate quotes.  FieldConnect provides the tools to generate on-site quotes based on pre-defined pricing structures and real-time inventory data.
  • GPS Tracking and Route Mapping: Revolutionize your technician's efficiency with GPS tracking and route optimization. Navigate traffic, locate customer sites quickly, and maximize time in the field.
  • Custom Forms Builder: Eliminate the need for paper forms with a user-friendly custom forms builder. Create digital forms to capture specific job details, collect customer signatures, and ensure all necessary information is documented accurately.
  • Customer Service Portal: Empower your customers with a self-service portal to view service history, request appointments, and track technician progress. This improves communication and streamlines the customer experience.
  • Data And Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your field service operations with robust data reporting and analytics. FieldConnect provides actionable data to identify areas for improvement, optimize scheduling, and make data-driven decisions.

Empowering Technicians in the Field 

Imagine a scorching summer day in Phoenix, Arizona. An air conditioning technician, Frank, pulls up to a frantic homeowner's house. The AC has died, leaving the house feeling like a furnace. Traditionally, Frank would wade through stacks of paperwork in his truck, piecing together information about the unit and the customer's service history. But with FieldConnect's mobile app, Frank's experience is transformed. 


He steps out of the truck, opens the app, and instantly sees the customer's information, work order details, and a complete history of the AC unit's maintenance. This real-time access allows Frank to diagnose the problem quickly—a failing capacitor due to the extreme heat. He reviews replacement part options within the app and provides the homeowner with an accurate quote on the spot. Frank replaces the capacitor efficiently, and the cool air starts blowing again. The homeowner is thrilled with the prompt service and transparent pricing. Frank, using the app, captures the homeowner's electronic signature for the completed work and sends a digital invoice. The entire process is smooth and saves everyone valuable time. By ditching paper trails and equipping them with the right digital tools, FieldConnect creates a win-win for businesses and clients alike.

Real Success Stories from Microsoft Dynamics Users

We heard about hypothetical Frank in Arizona, but how about some real-life examples? Here are three businesses (and Microsoft Dynamics users) that have experienced the advantages of FieldConnect.

Way Engineering

Way Engineering, a seasoned Houston contractor, struggled with paper-based work orders and scheduling. FieldConnect's integration with their Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP transformed their operations. Real-time data eliminated inefficiencies, technicians completed jobs faster with mobile access to work orders, and happy customers appreciated the newfound professionalism. 

"Several customers have made comments about the ease of use and professionalism that the software offers." - Joe Watson, Way Engineering

Moore's Electric

Moore's Electric, a Virginia and North Carolina powerhouse, sought to improve efficiency and empower their technicians. Their existing systems couldn't keep up with their client's needs. FieldConnect seamlessly integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP to address the challenge. Technicians gained access to real-time information and streamlined workflows, communication improved across the company, and customer satisfaction soared thanks to faster service.

“Our techs are now dispatched more efficiently, armed with the right knowledge to get the job done, and can generate PO’s on their mobile device for material they need, further shrinking the amount of time spent on a specific job.” - Troy Shelton, Executive Vice President at Moore’s

Tampa Bay Trane

Tampa Bay Trane, a Florida-based HVAC contractor facing similar challenges with paper forms and lengthy billing cycles, implemented FieldConnect's FieldAccess. The mobile solution integrated seamlessly with their Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP, eliminating the need for paper and manual data entry. The results were impressive: a 9% increase in billable hours, billing cycles slashed from weeks to days, and a 200% return on investment.

Power Up Your Field Service with FieldConnect

Imagine ditching paper forms, streamlining communication, and boosting technician productivity—all within the familiar environment of your Dynamics platform. FieldConnect seamlessly integrates with your existing system, eliminating data silos and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Ready to transform your field service operation? 

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